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CEO Message

The driving motto of Aatmanirbhar LBS is to improve the lives of rural poor people and contributing to alleviating poverty in the country by empowering them with microfinance services in the remote rural areas where the bigger banking services are not reachable to the poor and marginalized communities.

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We believe that every poor farmer, rural woman, and man from marginalized communities have dreams to do something in life ( a dream to change the mode of living) by improving income and standards of life or to educate their children in good schools.

Our microfinance services can provide micro loans to the needy households of poor or middle-class families at their doorsteps to fulfill their dreams of having micro-entrepreneurship. We can provide micro loans on group guarantee without collateral and with collateral to make their dreams come true in the rural setting.

So, far we have mobilized more than 14000 saving groups of rural women with more than 40,000 members in Dang, Banke and Bardiya districts through our 21 branches always ready to meet the loan demands of our clients.

We also believe in the motto of novel laureate Professor Mohammad Yunus, who said, “Making money is happiness, making to other people happy is super happiness” literally we means to say that we would like to see a mark of smile on the faces of millions of people whom we serve with our microfinance services.

We also express our gratitude to our promoter organization Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra (Rural Women Development Center -RWDC) that conceived and promoted this Aatmanirbhar LBS by obtaining the operational license from Nepal Rastra Bank to function as class “D” bank as a regional bank within Lumbini province.

Shogat Bir Chaudhari


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