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We are recognized from Nepal Rastra Bank as Class "D" bank to cater to the financial needs of our clients in Lumbini province through our 22 branches of Aatmanibhar LBS.

We usually disburse loans to our clients who are usually rural households including rural women and men from poor backgrounds. Our mission is to reduce and alleviate poverty in the country by providing micro loans to the needy clients of rural areas.

Loan without Collateral

This is a type of micro-loan disbursed to the needy clients (poor and destitute) of rural areas of Dang, Salyan and Banke districts to benefit the needy households which can be used by them to improve their living standards by investing it in some kind of income generation activities. This loan is given to rural women who are associated with Aatmanirbhar LBS as its saving group members, without collateral which is based on the trust of group collateral. The amount of loan is given ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 200000. The repayment of these petty loans without collateral are repaid  in several monthly installments during monthly group meetings held by the Aatmanirbhar's marketing assistants who visit the clients from door to door.

Loan with Collateral

Loan with collateral is given to the clients of rural villages and rural women (who are poor and destitute) of saving groups mobilized by Aatmanirbhar LBS. This loan size may be in the range of Rs 10,0000 to Rs 15,00000. Such loans are given to the clients to invest in some business oriented activities that they intend to propose to increase their income. The repayments of such collateral based loans are done on monthly installments during the monthly meetings held by the Aatmanirbhar marketing officials in saving groups.

Further details about our types of loans can be understood from the following descriptions.

Our Products

Types of Loans

Aatmanirbhar LBS has started various loans on group guarantee and collateral basis to improve the income generation capacities of its group members which are described in details in the table given below:

SN Type of loan and Loan limitations Interest Rate Service Charge Loan Period Loan Service (Description)
1 General Loan 15% 1.5% 1-2 years Members are given loan from Rs 1000 t Rs 300,000 without collateral. Members can use this loan to expand their micro enterpreneurship.
2 Seasonal Loan 15% 1.5% 1 year Members are given this seasonal loan from Rs 1000 to Rs 50,000 to start up their seasonal business.
3 Educational Loan 15% 1.5% 1 year Educational loan from Rs 1000 to Rs 20,000 is given to Members' Children for their educational development
4 Home Loan 15% 1.5% 1-2 years All members are given this home loan up to Rs 200000 to ensure that they have a secured home to live and lead a secured life.
5 Micro Loan 15% 1.5% 2-5 years Members are given this loan from Rs 300,000 to Rs 1,500,000 on collateral basis to start up any micro business in their locality.


Savings are done by members to secure their future so that such saving can resolve some of their problems in future. So, micro-savings are done regularly. The description of such savings are given below:

SN Types of Savings Interest Rate Remarks
1 Group Saving 5% Group members usually engage in this type of savings
2 Individual Saving 5% Individual members engage in individual savings as per their own discretionary decisions.
3 Education and Pension Savings 5% Such savings are done for safe future of the members. The amount of saving is doubled in 15 years.
4 Centre Saving 5% Such savings are done to secure the future of group members.
5 Chhori Bachat 5% Such savings are done to fulfill the requirement of children in future.

Loan Insurance: Aatmanirbhar LBS has been providing the following insurance scheme for members taking loan or their nearest one mentioned in the insurance in case meeting with an accidental death. The duration of insurance is two years. The member taking loan for this insurance must pay a premium of 0.53% at the time of taking loan and for the insurance of her husband an amount of Rs 100 should be paid.

SN Description Available benefits
1 Death due to sickness 100% of the loan taken
2 Death due to Accident 150% of the loan taken
3 Fully disable due to Accident 50% of the loan taken
4 Funeral Expenses 28% of the loan taken
5 Death of member's husband Rs 25850

Staff Insurance

All staff working for Aatmanirbhar LBS are provisioned to take benefit of the following accidental, Health and Covid-19 insurances.

1 Covid-19 Insurance Rs 100,000/-
2 Accidental Insurance Rs 700,000/-
3 Health Insurance Rs 100,000/-